Philadelphia Tower Theater

My twin reformed his band and was touring as Smashing Pumpkins again. Zwan went bye bye. I treated myself to another show, by myself, yet again. I go solo when I go to see my love. Well, I pretty much remained a single woman, and use to doing things on my own. This venue had seats. But, I’m short, I can’t see over the tall people. For most of the show, I stood on my chair. Nobody said anything to me until near the end. It’s like, why bother now, right? It was nice to see my love over other people’s heads until that moment. Bastards! I’m pretty sure Billy seen me, how could he not? My memory of this show is fuzzy. I can’t remember too many details.

I then was able to see him shaking hands with the fans by the stage after the show. He didn’t acknowledge me then. Maybe he thought I left because I had to get down from the seat. He left too quickly. Again, fuzzy memory.

I can’t find any ticket stub or anything from this. It’s probably associated with the whole “stalker syndrome” and yet again, not one single picture have I took.

I found two dates in Philadelphia for this tour on YouTube. October 21 and 23 2007. Seeing that there were two dates, sparked a possible recall that I might remember this being the case. That I was disappointed and missed the show they recorded. That’s why you wouldn’t find me in the one that was recorded.

Since I have started typing all of this out and multitasking with my blogs, I have done very little research on this tour. I have found set lists from a much appreciated website titled setlists. According to their archives, they did 4 days in Philadelphia. Oh geeze! So I have to did into my memory 4 days if I can recall which show I was at? Good Lord!

Considering this is Friday, I don’t think I would have given up a Friday night to work especially since they were there for 4 nights.
I’m thinking this one. The one with 2 encores. I think I was at a show with 2 encores and felt spoiled thinking they must do this all the time. Hoping for 3 or just don’t leave me!!