I always had an interest in dance and/or entertainment. I had started studying dance when I was about 8. Then I stopped. Mom said I was complaining because I had to wait so long to get on stage during recital so they thought I didn’t want to do it again. I was silent and never spoke up about it. I just thought they “knew” I wanted to sign up again. It wasn’t until I found my new dance inspiration through Paula Abdul that I spoke up wanting to join again. This was about 1989.

For a few years I gotten into Jazz dance. One year we even did a recital to Paula Abdul “Knocked Out”. Another year we did a Michael Jackson’s “Can’t Let Her Get Away”


During my senior year of high school, I signed up for the drama course at the vocational school. I actually was trying to get into the dance program but was accepted as a drama student. Both classes had the same instructor though. This was 1994. It was a two year course. When I finished high school I was able to stay as a post secondary to complete it.

I really enjoyed my class. With this class it helped me to decide to go into production as a degree in Video Production a few years later.



Musically Speaking. In my attempt in trying to figure out my interest in this celebrity, I took it to a spiritual level. Maybe I have an interest in playing the guitar and singing. Perhaps that is what I’m supposed to be doing. I already have a brother that plays. I’m listening to music with guitars and I think I’m inspired to play. I need to learn to play, and sing. Maybe once I learn, I’ll find my “obsession” wear down. Maybe he’s showing me where I should go.




Weist-Barron-Ryan of New York. This school was in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


I went back to my parents house, after being on my own for about 4 years. It was a difficult decision and my mother would tell me, as long as I lived under their roof, I was to go back to school. So, I had to find something to do with my life. My one brother only lasted one year of higher education. My other brother only went to a vocational school for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning. I was told, I must go back to school. I believe all of this happened in February 2000.

I would soon hear about a signing happening with the Smashing Pumpkins maybe less then a week before the event. I knew I didn’t want to see a show, I needed to see him in person. He was still in my mind regardless of who else I was with. I must see him! Maybe after I see him, I’ll be over him. It’s been like 5 years and he’s STILL the only celebrity I’m so drawn to. I still yet need to plan out a school to attend, at the same time, I can see him up close. Classes for the Art Institute didn’t begin until Summer of that year, July. The classes are quarterly for 11 weeks each.




I was attending a school to become an interfaith Minister in Pennsylvania. I was expected to be ordained in 2020. Long story short, I didn’t finish the course. I was extremely saddened that it happened and I never graduated. All of my energy may not have been 100% because I was all over mentally and emotionally still understanding this Twin Flame Journey. I was excited to have gotten in on the course and was hoping for a distraction away from this twin Flames journey, but all it did was magnified it with more information.

Apparently, what also happened was all the lockdowns in 2020. I was let go the start of the year. I was told I could go back and complete it with the next class or whatever how that was going to happen. I guess my other classmates had to finish online as we were doing in person learning. Perhaps, it was a sign for me not to focus on it any longer and to focus on what I needed to with my life and my children because of the lockdowns. My children would eventually be doing school at home with laptops. With work, all the clubs were closed for three months. This happened the day before St Patrick Day, when all the bars in New Jersey, where I was working, shut down. I did not work for 3 months. I was paying for class as I go. This may have caused a conflict for me with money as well.

Even though I never finished, I had a friend ask me to officiate his wedding in March of 2021. During my time at my ministry class, we had a class about performing weddings. We were to write up an interfaith wedding ceremony. I didn’t attend too many weddings in my own life and I haven’t the slightest idea how I was even supposed to write one when I rarely attended any, let alone multi-faith. Every week it was a different topic for the class, so it wasn’t like we had much focus on weddings. We met for 2 Saturdays a month, the rest is self study and reading of book recommendation prior to class. I ordered a few extra books about weddings to help me write up a wedding for class because I didn’t find the book that was recommended useful to me. I thought it was too wordy and I just wanted to see scripts of ideas. This is most likely from my experiences with writing scripts back from Video Production at the Art Institute. So, I ordered a few books. In one of the books I’ve read that I can become ordained online and perform weddings for free. “Oh really” was my thought.

Well, after a year and not being ordained by a formal school, and being offered to officiate a friends wedding, I jumped online and got myself ordained. It’s legal and backed by the first amendment. I’m taking this as an opportunity to learn and grow as a minister and perhaps down the line, I shall actually go through an official school and not feel like a fraud. Blessed Be. Aho. Shalom. Amen.