I went to 4 concerts and 3 VIPs this year. I also went to a show at his tea house! This is the most I have ever went to in my entire life since I became a fan in 1995! I was still trying to embrace being a fan after learning about being a Twin Flame 6 months prior.

The Concerts and VIPs I went to were one in NYC, Philly and Ft Lauderdale. The one concert with no VIP was in Chicago.

APRIL 5th 2016 NYC

I met some online fans in NYC. It was great finally meeting some in person. My one friend didn’t get VIP. When I did NYC VIP, I didn’t say anything. Just observing and sat in the far corner. I sat in the front row and 2 rows behind me was his girlfriend. I probably could have waved to her, since we’ve had a brief chat before, but I didn’t. I was just trying to listen and minding my own business. While he was talking, I’ve took noticed of our little mirror. I guess I have a few “nervous” habits, is what people call it. Picking at the invisible dirt in the nails thing. I don’t do it much though. I was sitting and just started to pick under my nails. He was answering someone’s question and I looked back up at him, he’s doing the same damn thing! I stopped after I noticed what was happening, I changed my posture and sat differently etc….

A man near me, two seats away actually, was asking a question and for a few seconds Billy took his focus off of him and looked right at me. Personally, that’s kind of rude, if I were that guy, but I didn’t move. I just looked right back at him. Maybe we are both creeped out by it all. . .

When VIP was over, I would give my poster to my fan friend.

During the show, I sat not up front like I did for the NJ show. I was back some rows. Memorable moments was when he sung the song Lily and sang the last line

‘Cause as they’re draggin’ me away

I swear I saw her raise her hand and wave goodbye”

I raised my hand and waved and he too, waved maybe but a second delay but it seemed rushed and urgent on his part. Was he coping me?

Another moment is when they did an encore and did the Rolling Stone Cover, Angie. I was able to move up my seat to the middle isle because some people left. I kept thinking for him to acknowledge me. It was a repeated thought. Finally, he did gesture towards me. The corner of my eye I noticed a few people were amazed amongst themselves and were probably questioning but I ignored them and just focused on him and my inner happy he at least acknowledged me.


I went to VIP in Philly, again I said nothing. I sat in the front row again. I had a book with me. I was holding it in my lap. I brought a book with me because I took public transportation and was trying to focus on non twin stuff. He was handed posters this time to sign while answering questions. My, my, how we are sitting in the same type of position again. How he was holding posters in his lap, while I had a book.


I didn’t see VIP for Chicago but I’ve met some of the fans.


I actually gotten a nerve to ask a question during VIP in Ft Lauderdale. I wrote it down, because I felt I needed to do that. I had more than one question but chose this one. It was a spiritual type of question and basically about Law of Attraction. I don’t know if anyone took a video of it. His interest was clearly showing then.

A guy near me, who sat behind me started saying something but he cut him off and said something and I haven’t the fucking clue to what he said. But Billy allowed me to ask a question. So, I did. All nervous and reading from my card. My long question took up the front and some of the back of an index card. He couldn’t hide it while answering. He was all into it, you could say, turned on by it, and smiling like a mother Fucker while answering. I believe his tour manager seemed impressed.

During the show in Ft Lauderdale, he was giving me the stare down a few times. I was in the second row far left. A guy sitting next to me during the show was also at VIP. Towards more the end of the show he tells me “he loves you. You should go up there” meaning to the stage. I guess it’s enough that everyone can see it.

Before he started to play Soma at the keyboard, he looked out at me. It was perhaps an entire minute, maybe more like 30 seconds but he just looked right in my direction. If there’s a video from then, people can see. Also, at the end of the show, when he was still on stage and fans were doing fits bumps with him, the pointed at me and applaud but then he turned away and left. I’m standing there, held my arms up like, here I am baby. Take me! But he left.

I knew another fan friend that went to the show. She had info on where they were staying. She told me where they were at. I didn’t have a place to stay as I was hoping she’d let me stay with her like she originally planned on doing. My Airbnb was already done and so, I told myself, I’m going to get a room there. I seen 2 members in the morning but not him. They must have told him because he sends out a mass message that he was on the plan and sharing his thoughts on the last show on the tour.

The one girl that posted a pic of a girl from backstage claiming to be his girlfriend some people are chatting that maybe it’s a random girl that just said that. My friend was also drunk. So, who knows.

The actual video from the VIP I found online and repost it here. My question starts 23.50 and ends 29.00. I basically asked him a question related to Law of Attraction. I have the question I asked posted here.

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