MAY 2016, 2016: TEA HOUSE SHOW

I went out to his homeland, Chicago and took a trip to his tea shop. The first day I was there, the baby’s mama and baby were there. I’ve seen the baby for the first time. Baby is about 6 months now. I was being friendly and talking to her. I showed some pics of my kids. Mentioned that they need to baby proof that place, soon! As my son started walking and running at 9 months! It just looks like a place a child can destroy. I was being friendly. I even mentioned about maybe they should get an exersaucer instead of just having him lay in a carriage. I then found a pic of my son in one and mentioned what I did to the seat for when he was still too short and too young. I was explaining and describing what I did and just her facial expressions is enough to have me wonder if I was sounding like Billy and doing things like him. I just had a slight smile with that thought and thinking to myself, that I can’t help it. It’s not intentional, now that I’m aware.

He was doing a couple of shows at his tea house location. They might let people who didn’t buy tickets in, as walk ins, if there’s an opening. Well, I got in, of course! I stood in the back by the restrooms.

Billy enters the building from the back door. He had to walk past me to get to his performance area, which was by the front window. We have a height difference. I was in flats that day. I usually feel inadequate with guys past 6 foot. But as he walked by, it occurred to me that it didn’t bother me at all, and it felt right. Also how a few times it even felt as if we’re the same height. Bizarre?

During his little performance there were multiple times he would glance right at me. His eyes would be closed while singing and he would open them and look right at me. I’m just standing in the back by my chair, not sitting with one leg kneeling on the seat and holding my cup of tea that they gave us.

The baby mama, Chloe and baby were up in front, standing near the doorway. There was one point in time that I’ve seen Billy play and he would make a slight turn towards them but then slow roll his head down and back in my direction. I’m just standing there observing. There were moments I’ve seen Chloe look at me and him. I don’t know what is going on in her mind nor what is said about me or what nor the nature of their relationship. I am not getting involved. I’m just there like anyone else, as a fan.

Well, after the performance they leave. Billy, Chloe and baby. I thought they left and went home. I wouldn’t leave for a little bit. I have time to kill waiting for a train. I was hungry and went across the street to eat at the Italian restaurant. I walked in and sat alone. Table for one please. I ordered my food. Waiting for my food. Got my food. A few times I would be checked up on by a manager? How’s everything? Good. Thanks. Someone else checked up on me. People are nice here! I looked up towards the entrance and look who was rushing out. . . Watched him tip the one guy at the door. Billy was a man on a mission. Was he storming out? My little runner! Took off and there following him was the baby mama pushing the carriage. Wow! Hmmm. Did he see me? Was there an argument? Was I doing a mirroring again? Did we align? I don’t know, but I had to smile and laugh inside.

Another few days after the show, I went to the tea shop again. I ordered my sandwich and sitting alone at a table. I had a little snicker of a laugh come over me. Moments later, look who I see through the window entering the tea shop. Billy! Perfect timing? Chloe and baby were also with him and enter.

I was just minding my own business. I’m the only customer in there. I’m usually bewildered to what to say or do when it’s all of them together. I’m just there. Don’t mind me.

They sit at another table by the window. I would glance over and see him holding his son and even give him some cold tea. Awe moments.

I just opened a new bank account and was briefly looking over the paperwork. Wouldn’t you know, they were also going over financial stuff!! Damn mirror!

He did glance over and had a big ol smile on his face. I don’t know what was being said, I’m not a huge eavesdropper. I also have a hearing problem. I’ve learned to tune out people. Mostly, not by choice. Maybe I should have turned up my hearing aids. Because I don’t know if there are things I’m supposed to key in on and if I truly am missing on some fun conversations.

We would end up leaving at the same time. I had an urge to leave just as they were. They left before me. He was standing outside holding his son and I would just walk by.

But it’s amusing that the mirror can go so far as to picking up a drink to drink in unison. Looking at financial stuff, and holding things.


I tried to go again to another show the following week, which would be the last one, but we were told no walk ins because it was filled up and oh, the fire code now. I think it was pure bullshit, but it’s what they told us. There were maybe 2 other people waiting as a walk in. The one girl was complaining and I seen Billy standing in the entrance way, staring. He looked like a deer in headlights in my direction. I was wearing my sunglasses. He kept staring at me and perhaps listening to the conversation it seemed so I would wave my hand because it amused me that they are talking about him when he’s standing not so far away. He then walked up and approached us. Then he agreed about the fire code. I would then walk away as I planned to go do an open mic anyway. So I left and headed back to the train.

I would find out, perhaps weeks later, in a group, that they felt Billy was not fully into it that night. He seemed a little off. I never commented on it.


I would return to Chicago and did an open mic at his tea house. There was no one else there. Billy wasn’t there either. The open mic was a drag as they never set up a mic and no sound system. It’s just you and an acoustic guitar. I set up my little set up with phone cams doing a multi phone cam shoot with each one on a different profile account. I also did this with open mic at the Gallery and The Store. I wasn’t impressed with his little open mic at his tea shop. It’s also a hike to get to via train.

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