Went to a Christmas Party my beloved was having. I never been to a party of sober people before. Usually people are drinking. I’m usually the sober one. But there I was. At a sober tea house party. Strangest feeling ever!

I sit where I sat for the show back in May. I was in the back of the line,so I was last. I stalled getting there. I went walking around because I was too early! Lightly snowing and cold. But like earlier in the day as I was walking the city, the weather wasn’t bothering me. I know some people would complain about it, but I was walking around like it was nothing. I know the house I was staying at, the lady told me I was brave the day before. I guess because I just walk in the cold snowy weather like it was nothing.

I worn nothing glamorous. Black pants. Beat up sneakers. Red turtle neck with a ‘Happy Holidays’ Mickey sweater on top. Billy was also wearing a turtleneck but black. He had on a Green and Orange Santa hat. I have a Tigger Santa hat I wanted to wear but it’s in storage. The hat is Green and Orange with Tigger written on it. If I took it out, kids would steal it anyway….like last year. So cute they are. I had on a black hat though, not sure what you call it.

Billy was playing DJ. He was playing Christmas music with vinal records. We were given free tea and some cookies. I did notice Billy glance over a few times, not as much though. Chloe kept going up towards him. Of course I have been observing the lack of affection they share towards each other the entire time I see them together. Not even an arm around her or a peck. I still keep my distance though.

There was a guy dressed as Santa there. He kept coming up to talk to me and I would throw out Santa jokes and saying things like “being a naughty girl”.

At one point during the night, the Santa was standing off to the side, held out his one palm open and was holding a stone or some crystal tied to a string with the other. It was sort of like how people would hold out a pregnant woman’s hand and try to determine if she’s having a boy or girl with a needle on a thread. I got up and walked over and asked teasingly, if he’s having a boy or girl. His response was not a quiet reply but said “DEFINITELY TWINS!” I spun around and sat back in my seat.

Santa sat with me a few times during the night and we chat and joked a bit. I haven’t spoke to Billy. He would bring out a banjo and play a few Christmas songs on it. A little sing along with Santa on Silver Bells. They did a Polaroid pic with Santa. So I did that.

It was time to leave. I went back to my seat. I don’t know the significance but while Billy was on his way out with his banjo in hand, He stood next to me but facing towards, I assume Chloe but I didn’t look. He repeated “Go ahead and say it.” He wasn’t looking at me, so I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t my conversation.

It was great to see him!

Also, a side note, I had the sensation that we weren’t in sync. Things were still a little off. I don’t know why my mind had the thought of no reunion for that night. Not sure from him, myself or our I AM Presence. As the situation went, no soul reunion at that time.

The video posted from them, did not show me being there.


William did a contest where the fans were to choose a number between 0 – 99999 or something like that. He would have a number and the winner gets a free copy of his new vinyl. It appears he was using 90s pager code. I just seen him at his Christmas Party and we said nothing to each other. This was probably his redemption of not approaching me and how it panned out.

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