What’s in a song title?

Solara? What kind of title is this for a song? Is the song named after a car?

Actually, no. There’s an author that goes by the name Solara. She written some metaphysical books starting in 1987 with a book titled “Invoking Your Celestial Guardians” followed by a book called “The Star-borne” in 1989. The Star-borne seem to be her most notable book. I have copies of all of her books and read most of them. She does mentioned she met her twin flame and has Twin Flame theme in a few of her books. In the one book she basically revealed that she was not with her Twin Flame. I believe Billy has come across these books at some point in time and began his own exploration of a Twin Flame connection through his song lyrics.

I believe the music video Solara was also title accordingly to a conversation I had with an anonymous person (who could have been Billy Corgan with a fake profile). I don’t believe I screen captured that conversation and deleted the Instagram I was using before I thought of saving the conversation. It would start to make sense with the theme of the one book and Machina, depending on when he read these books. The one book that stands out to me came out October 1, 1991. (I would turn 15, two days later. Billy was 24. Gish was released May 28, 1991. Solara first book was published in 1987.)

This anonymous profile would ask me if I believe that you can feel a connection through a character in a book. In that they believed their Twin Flame was the fictional character in a book. This conversation happened before the release of this song and video. I’m not sure when it took place but when I seen the title and looked it up it made sense and I would eventually order her books.

The one book in particular that stood out to me was titled: EL AN RA: The Healing of Orion. In it was a planet of Spider people. I would think back to Machina, the black hooped dress Billy was wearing during the video Stand Inside Your Love and also in the song Glass and the Ghost Children where he starts singing about spiders.

I made a video reading from the book Solara wrote about meeting her twin flame. Click here to view.

This post analysis is being focused on Solara. CLICK HERE for a link to learn more about the author Solara. I’m going to continue onto the music and video Solara by the Smashing Pumpkins as this article is not a book review.

The Music Video

Music Video Link: The Smashing Pumpkins – Solara

In this music video, the video opens with Billy sitting on what appears to be a TWIN sized bed. He is staring at a cage next to him with a drone inside it. 3 females with a thin chain, come in to take him away. He could probably easily push them over and take the chain and choke those bitches! Who knows, maybe they are robots and the boobs turn into guns, like in a James Bond movie… or was that Austin Powers that did that?

Anyway, Billy was lead to a room like a elephant, on the thin chain. He sits in a chair, like a good dog and for his obedience, they feed him vape juice directly into his veins through an IV drip while he watches people puke in a fountain and I guess instead of puking he exhales vape smoke. Vape in his veins, seems like he should have died but if vaping causes pop corn lungs, i cant imagine what it would do to your veins. Billy seems nothing more but like an experiment so this could have been going on for a long time and is has built up a tolerance. Maybe he’s a mutian and they are trying to turn him into a fire breathing dragon?

The three females and Billy walk to another room. I guess everyone is high but Billy didn’t have any issues after having vape juice in his veins as he still appears sober and no issues with walking or illness and he “escapes” without a fight, by simply removing the chain and “sneaking” out. No one tried to stop him walking out. He walks through a few rooms then out the house unnoticed and untouched. Billy walks around maybe half a block once outside, walking on people’s lawns, past a group of people. All of these people in the outside world are clown faced. We see a group of kids being trained and lead on a leash like how Billy was lead in the House. The most these clowns do is stare at him. Big strong bodied looking guys with hoods only stare at him. No fights to throw him back into the dark house. No struggle anywhere. Soon he walks right back to the dark house, willingly. Even though the entire city are a bunch of clowns, he willingly walks to the house where the others are in a drugged up state. Open the door and you see the 3 petite women again. Door closes and I guess it was a magic door because smoke came out around it and it was the same door the women entered from the beginning. Since he left and entered the house again, he knows there’s no escape now. The door is sealed shut!

It appears this is a small town of mimes and clowns so I guess you could say “mime” control. Or it’s all a “mime” game.

There are a few important elements that are quickly overlooked and also hard to read or see unless you do a pause and screen capture. When you view these items the video makes more sense of why he went back to the house. Because, I guess it was a twilight zone style video. It’s all about the mental control. So, the clowns control Billy but he’s still staying even though he can walk away easily, because as The song Zero states, he’s in love with his sadness. He knew what was in that house but went back anyway. One thing for certain, if other future videos end up telling a back story of how he got to that house.


Never-mind the fact that he appears to have gone through my closet again. I have a turtleneck just like the one he’s wearing! This is probably also symbolic of him saying he’s “nothing but a body, in my mind” my Twin Soul. It’s actually a wonderful worded description.


There’s an interesting story here from my life. I don’t know when they shot this video but there was a day or so where I was wondering where my old jewelry went and I was thinking about maybe wearing some of it again for work, like one of my chokers. The one day I could have very well been wearing that black turtleneck or the gold colored one. I think I even had the thought of wearing a choker with the turtleneck and I don’t know what possessed me to think that. The black turtleneck sweater is old and pretty much a staple to my winter wardrobe for a long time. I’m just wondering if it’s that I felt him wearing this very outfit and shooting this video that brought that on. I since realized that the box, actually an art supply box, that’s holding my jewelry is probably in my other storage unit that I can’t get to right now…. I know I can’t prove my claim here, nor the date and time. You just have to take my word for it. This song and video wasn’t out yet.

He’s wearing it because I was making a few post calling him my bitch.


It also appears Billy had a set of twin boys that were on a leash and sort of resemble the age of my son and same hair. I don’t think my son would have acted like that if he were in the video. He’ll be bouncing. He’s not tamed.

I find it amusing that in this picture I took of him, Julian happens to have been pointing and felt it matched the theme of this video. All in a linear timeline. I probably should grab the time stamp also.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the middle boy was representing his nephew, who shares the same name as my son, Julian. I think he’s older. The twin boys would be pointing to me, Billys divine counterpart, his twin. Then if we took it as the middle boy as representing his nephew, here we would have three Julian’s!

You could say, moral of this story is, don’t go blindly following every sign you see. Learn some discernment and follow your heart. I know I don’t go blindly following every sign I see.

This also spoke to me as fear of change and the unknown. The fake world he’s use to. He wants to run back to this False world. Why does he goes back to the house? A fear of change? He’s programmed and conditioned by Hollywood. Even though it’s a toxic environment, he’s comfortable there. Being locked in a dark room. A prisoner of his own mind. The dark sadness inside his head. Maybe he should have took that car with the man in the hoodie for a joyride. What would have happened if he kicked that man on the lounge chair off or grabbed the fish off the grill because he’s hungry? Who knows how long he was stuck in that house! Years? Months? Days? Entire life?

Sex, lies, drugs and rock n roll. The only life Billy’s ever known. What should I expect from a man like that when it comes to true love, right? I Loved him from afar.

There’s also another underlying story here of a person who has such lack of self love that they go to such extremes. They are so lost in their illusions they don’t see another way. No one can save him but himslf. Perhaps you could also say that with him wearing clothes that are like mine, and he’s my Twin Flame, it gives him comfort and peace of mind? He feels loved knowing that I love him, through it all. But, as twin Flames, we don’t need to wear clothings as reminders because they live in our hearts.


We are Twins and I’m in his veins. He wants to try and get me out of his veins and goes to extreme and will attempt to flush me out! I think that’s really dumb on his part and will end up killing himself or doing some really horrible bodily harm. I do not recommended what he is doing to anyone. It’s like I don’t even want to acknowledge that because it’s not even funny if he’s trying to be amusing. What are you teaching the kids? Using vape juice in your arms so you can puff out smoke? Someone might actually do that!

The Vape juice is called Trauma. He could be saying that he’s so full of Trauma and feels unworthy of this Union. Therefore, he wants to stay in that illusional world. Like he sang in his song ZERO, “I’m in love with my sadness.” He inhales it and exhales.


Going back to Gish, Billy has a song called I am One. It starts of with him singing “I am one and you are three”. We see Billy sitting in a chair with the three females around him. He’s probably saying that he’s one, but I am three. A three fold being. Or perhaps calling me a triple Goddess. The gold outfits they are wearing is probably also supposed to be me as I have a Gold stripper outfit and he probably seen me post it and used it as inspiration for their clothing but my outfit is sexier and shorts. This video was released June 8, 2018.

Maybe he’s indirectly telling me to put some clothes on while also calling me a whore become of their sloppy lipsticks? He’s projecting. Maybe it’s me he’s trying to say that I’m like Courtney. When it’s like, no honey. I was and never will be a junkie. This must be his own fear.

And I’m sorry, but every time I see that sloppy lipstick I think of it symbolic as Whores. Just there giving head to whomever.


I want to write myself into this storyline and plant a bomb…… I almost wanted to dive in there and rescue him from all of those evil clowns! What have those clowns done to you?!

I’m coming to save you, my love!

In reality, he has to pull himself out. In the video, he willingly walked back into that house! Mind control? “Mime control”?


Here is a collage I made for my In Plain Song post on my Mirrorsthroughphotography Page.


A lot of Billy’s stuff ends up having multiple meanings, so here’s more!


White make up with black eyes. Many seem to believe these are ghost, which are usually evil. Black eyes are viewed as demons.

I believe the mime gave birth to a ghost baby. Glass and the Ghost Children themed as Billy has started with his album Machina from the year 2000. But why was that one baby invisible? How many other invisible babies are there? But, it could also be dress rehearsal. Some people believe you can have spirit babies.

There’s another artist that has a song called White Face, Black Eyes. They are also seen as ghost. Here are the lyrics and link to the song. I will expand on this in further down the article.

Music Video Link: Andrew Jackson Jihad – White Face, Black Eyes


Billy had 2 dreams. Music and wrestling. People puking in the water, one being a former member that returned. Water is symbolic of emotions and feelings. Peoples opinions and the critics of Billy’s music. He’s forced to watch people puke in it and the fans want to force him to speak and put out music (tap on bag) but anything he says is irrelevant and just a bunch of smoke while James, who also was part of the creation of the early music walks away and never see him again. But, again, he’s in love with his sadness. So, he enjoys people’s negative reactions. He needs to be fed his trauma.

In comes Jeff and Jimmy that play along behind the scenes. People/fans high and soaking up the old music. Billy seen an opportunity in something else, which is wrestling and decided to leave. So, it seems Billy got bored.

The drones that are attached to the hands by wire, symbolic of modern day cell phones. Cameras always on. People always watching.

Billy walks away from music and into the world of wrestling but while there, he learned the world is just as fake as the music world and while there, the people keep telling him to go back. All his dreams that he wants to point to freedom but there he is, back into the world of music, his captor. No one wants him to try a new interest. But this interest was also based on greed and power.

In a way, you can say, him going back to the underworld of music is a form of surrender. Surrender back to the music.



Here’s another interpretation: the clowns. This video could have spoken on another level with Hollywood and pedophilia: Clown children. There’s quite a lot of stuff on the Internet about this touchy subject of Hollywood and Child Trafficking. Why did Billy also wanted to have his sons face painted as such is questionable in itself. Is this something that was required of him to do as an elite? But, his son is painted as the ghost children, which are evil. Why is your son evil, Billy?

Here is a link to a video that has Will Ferrell “Comedy Skit” about clown children that was on Adult Swim. These videos are disturbing. You can do more research about these subjects on your own. I give you this one link for reference so you can understand what I’m referring to if you don’t know already.

Now, take notice of this female with the hula hoop. Her face is also done up in the black and white ghost children makeup. The man watching her from behind is in all big smiles. She’s like a droid to him. Just a body for him to watch. The male is not in makeup. Is she one of these child clowns? Just there for this males pleasure? Are the ones in the back and white makeup part of the child trafficking? What is Billy trying to say? He walks amongst them but not a part of them as he walks by? How was he able to make this video? Perhaps no one knew the final outcome until it was edited and released?

The adults could have been victims but are also now the abusers. There’s a scene with what appears to be a clown/mime young girl giving birth. She was presented with an invisible baby, possibly representing the fake world he lives in. She’s being guarded by clown/mime with guns. She’s not to be rescued and a prisoner, probably a pedophilia victim that gotten pregnant? The makeup here almost suggest Alice in Wonderland with Diamond shape painted eyes. But I don’t see other suits eye shapes in this video. Also to note, the suite of diamonds ♦️ is red NOT black.

But the eyes are painted what is also referred to as Panda Eyes. Here is a meme I have found that describes it

Was him being with Chloe by force because of the mimes guarding the young girl with guns giving birth? Was that Chloe? How much of this was by force and his own free will choosing? He’s being mind control and can’t break free? This house he was in was pictured with a stork and baby. A baby factory? In what role is Billy in relation to this? Is he a sperm donor? Are the other ghost children, his?

What if ghost children are victims of sexual abuse and died? Is that what ghost children really are? The fans that seem to be ghost children, are they also victims of sexual abuse? The father figure with a dog face but no black eyes, perhaps he was abused but didn’t die and is now protective of his children that are on a leash. Billy can’t observe without being growled. Billys eyes are not painted black so he’s not a victim of sexual abuse. I’m assuming, he walks amongst them but not a part of them, a satanic pedophile.

Also, he could have been stalking my Facebook as well, and you will see a few more of this below in Silvery Sometimes. I have posted a couple of clown pictures on my Facebook but I can’t recall what inspired me other than maybe I caught the Fred Rogers gif somewhere, perhaps a repost from someone else. That’s what I think it originally was, a share gif.

The clown mask eyes from Mr Rogers were Diamond shaped but the color was blue.

Just a FYI: The Joker movie didn’t come out until 2019, this music video was 2018. I do dig the orange and yellow though. I still haven’t seen the movie. . ,

He could have also been leaning towards Heath. There was someone in my Twin Flame group that mentioned Heath was her Twin Flame and he was coming back as a walk-in, meaning his soul will take on someone else’s body during some type of accident and the other soul will leave and live a different life because they had enough of their life but the body still has other things to do in that life but the other soul couldn’t fulfill so will trade places.

Moving on…..


  • Later on in life, we find out he had a daughter so this video now seems to be a gender reveal that he was to have another baby. Of course, born the day before my birthday.
  • Billy was popping up with a fake account to me and sending indirect messages about him being my king forever earlier that year and then I would end up finding out he indeed was with another child the day she was born. Hanse sending me mixed messages that he wanted to be with me. I have since no longer accepting this behavior nor following him. I’m only taking messages from people I personally know in real life. And even then, I have stepped back a lot from being on social media. I say this end claim for the entire year of 2020 as I have deactivated my main Facebook as well. It’s been a process of letting go.
  • This felt planned out and on purpose to try and have a baby on my birthday. I wouldn’t be surprised if the due date was on my birthday. This would be their vanity ego driven, from both of them. But, nothing like a baby as a constant reminder.
  • I had a dream which suggested they were with child before this video came out in April (i made a brief post on my Facebook, see below.)

I believe the out side clown group also represents the fans with them grilling a fish. Billy is a Pisces in astrology. But Pisces is two fishes and they are only grilling one. So, only half of him.

  • Another note since the birth of his daughter would suggest the grilling fish is a baby is cooking. Yet the ghost children are grilling the fish. Reincarnation?

Least not forget to mention about the Masonic checkerboard flooring and the purple colored throw rug. This shade of purple is also Masonic. Even though this is Billy Corgan’s Art, “they” still control him. He has no freedom. You must insert the symbolism in all their artwork.

  • Therefore, since there is a baby involved, it seems to me that indeed this relationship was planted and so was this baby, his children. His entire life was staged. This video is like the Truman Show. If you know the movie, Billy Corgan is Jim Carrey. There may be a drone in the cage but Billy is still the live rat. The entire world is still watching him. It was an illusion that he was freed. He’s still trapped in his mind obeying what people tell him to do. He’s still that large elephant, without a chain.

This whole video may be about him selling his soul for fame and fortune… again. He had freedom but went back. He sealed his fate (door welding shut) because that’s his home now. He chose that life over freedom. Unfortunately, it seems his son was also part of that plan, an award. It’s probably what they awarded him for not uniting with me. We will give you everything Billy, just not love and happiness. You belong to us. We own you and we will be watching you even in your “freedom”. You are controlled. You have no free will. The only way out is death. Mime (Mind) control. Therefore, MK Ultra?

  • He sold his soul for fame and fortune and they are finally awarding him with children. But it’s with who they chose. This relationship had nothing to do with love. It was set up.


There’s so much out there about Hollywood and the Elites. Is Billy Corgan a part of it or does he walk amongst them and is just another puppet? To help expand your knowledge about this subject there is a YouTube playlist that I have found you can seek out for yourselves.

As also, being a Twin Flame to a celebrity will have you traveling down many, many rabbit holes. Perhaps he was also saying this with the toy bunny, which it appears to be a bunny to me in the video.

Into The Rabbit Hole

As I’ve mentioned other times, especially in my In Plain Song Post that much of Billys lyrics are of a bitter masculine. He makes this video because why? A pity party? Woah is me? People attacking me. I listen and do as I’m told. I’m trapped. Yeah, he’s trapped in his own mind. He’s trapped in corporate Hollywood and their puppet. He feels unworthy and undeserving of love, that’s why he goes back to what is familiar to him because he fears change. He’ll go back to his handlers that gave him his life. They even awarded him to reproduce with someone they chose for him. Not the one of his own heart. Because, these people don’t want real love.


Along with the rest of Billys fake life, here we see a staging of a photograph that Chloe is pregnant. On the Summer/Fall magazine cover issue of Paws Chicago, we can see Chloe pointing towards her belly while holding two cats. Awe. She would have the child the day before my birthday. This was all planned as they were also trying to erase me.

I don’t see either of their smiles as sincere. They seem forced for the camera. Entirely fake because his hand has been altered as well. His birthmark is covered up. It’s all for show and putting on a show.

I don’t know how much control Billy had of any of this or if “they” were dictating his life. Billy Corgan going back selling his soul. Exactly as he seems to have said in the Solara music video. They wanted to make it sound prophetic with his post from his website People and Their cars and not that it was a reference to me. To discredit me. But God wasn’t having it. I wonder how this consistent reminder is going for them.

Yeah, so, who wants a celebrity for a Twin Flame with all of this mental health issues being on full display to the entire world? This is clearly no walk in the park on a beautiful warm spring day. This man is my king forever, huh? Clearly I don’t deserve this treatment from him. I loved him for a long time and here I get all of THIS.

That’s the thing about me. He can’t control me. He can control everything else. He can’t control me. He can control Chloe by using me on her. He can’t do it to me or my son like those twin boys on a leash. Which is probably a reference to those walking things they make for Toddlers. He seen my comment about that. It looked like in the one picture that they had their son in a leash. Of course he’s wearing a shirt covered in eyeballs. I was not going to go there with him but if it walks like a duck and talks like one, it must be a duck. The Masonic eye symbolism.

Apparently God doesn’t care about situations or what another is doing when it comes to reflections. These mirrors are showing through.


The music video for this one also had some notable indirect “Easter Eggs”. I’m not going to do a full dissection of this video here. But, I’m not so sure if he’s trying to say, that he’s the black bunny like in my pictures, and we are One, in that, he’s saying he is me in this video. Watching himself on the Television and in the bunny suit he makes a face watching the music video. And also how at the end we see him dressed in the bunny suit in the control room, hinting that I’m trying to control things? Since when did I have control of things? I’d probably be right where he’s at being manipulative and all. Apparently, to make it big you do need a huge amount of Ego. If I had that much control, I’d be home schooling my children, like I originally wanted to do but I lost out on that one. I had to surrender to all of that as well.

Billy seemed to have been stalking my Facebook and stealing ideas like for this video. Our neighbors had black bunnies that got loose and we didn’t know where they came from. I made a few post on Facebook. This was in 2016. When I seen him dressed as a black bunny I knew exactly what it was.

If you like to see more of the collages of songs I made and all the mirrors/synchronicities, please check out my post In Plain Song on my Mirrors Through Photography page.