APRIL 3, 2003

I finally went to a show! During the Zwan tour. I went by myself. I went to a few other concerts by then, with some people. I guess I felt more confident in going on my own. After all, I did everything else by myself, dinner, movies, go to women’s public bathrooms, yes, I don’t go with someone or in a group, imagine that! So, why haven’t I gone to a concert by myself? Well, I finally went. I stood off to the side, I wasn’t close. It was General admission so, no seats. Standing room only. People are mobbed tight together. It was a smaller venue. I stood off to the side. A single woman all by herself. There was a point in time where it appeared he looked in my direction. How cool. Then at one point I was looking above, ceiling above. I’ve noticed he looked up as well, like, what am I looking at? Haha. Made you look!

Apparently, while searching the Internet, a professional photographer did take pictures of the show. I took no pictures. I can’t have evidence that I was stalking him! I mean, stalker syndrome is real! When I first embarked on this Twin Flame journey and someone spoke about Stalker Syndrome with the non celebrity twin flame, my head went off like a like bulb! My first show, and I couldn’t even take a damn picture. I was going to school for video and digital media, why couldn’t I take a picture. I probably could have gotten clearing being a student.

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