My estimate is sometime around February 1998, I decided to go Vegan. It was mostly inspired by my readings of Conversations with God and in one of the books, he mentioned Tony Robbins and Diest for a New America. I remembered the day I decided to end it, 7 1/2 years later, it was the last month before I graduated school in August of 2005. My math has me at these dates.

I consciously decided to end being Vegan after thinking of it for a while. It felt to me, like a failure because I didn’t have any of my own Vegan friends. I also felt many of the ones I came across as a bit too extreme in that, they are bothered and will preach to people with their animal activism. My own family wasn’t Vegan. The men I had interest in were also not Vegan. I couldn’t find a Vegan I wanted to date. I tried a Vegetarian dating site and met up with a man that was a Vegetarian but lived in Virginia and worked as a staff member to a congressman. I did not feel such a interest in him and therefore, it kind of just disappeared especially since he was also long distance as I was in Philadelphia. He took me to a few museums in DC and we ate at a few nice restaurants but, he was a cat person. In the end, I wasn’t fully invested in him. I felt like a curse and I couldn’t find anyone I wanted to be with. Other guys I liked were meat eaters so, I concluded, maybe I should just end this Veganism and go back to eating meat.

So I ended my Veganism on that one day in August 2005. The morning it ended a fellow classmate and I were meeting at the school to record my green screen news cast for my Out Of This World News Report that I would eventually use for my portfolio. I wore a sundress for the video. I walked from where I was living to the school with a stop at Whole Foods Market and ate a breakfast from their buffet, scrambled eggs. We would even incorporate my significant breakfast to my script. I also picked up a to go chicken salad to take with me. If I was breaking my Veganism, it was going to be organic!

While searching for some information about Billy Corgan, I would find a lot of things, one of which would be questions from an old form asking what Billy Corgan’s views on animal rights and eating meat. I may have been searching if he was ever Vegan when I was, and I found this form with some information. It seems there could have been traces and even ways of showing up in his life. He may also have been fighting against me, as perhaps he was picking up on me being Vegan and his Vanity Ego is resisting, because he’s a Resistance Professional.

I did consider myself a lazy Vegan. I lived in Philadelphia and I lived alone. I would usually eat out and rarely made anything at home. Why am I only cooking for me? Walking to and from school, work, I found places to go to, especially two health food stores on South Street. I was excited when they opened the second Whole Foods on South Street, I had another spot. Philadelphia has many places I could eat at and South Street had a few places to eat.

I would remain non Vegan for 15 years. I met the man that would become the father of my two children, two years after being non Vegan. He grew up on a dairy farm and loves his beef and dairy. Sometimes I thought, maybe the man who got me pregnant I’m supposed to be with. So, when I became pregnant and had our son, it was, well, maybe I’m supposed to be with him, even though I was thinking about ending our relationship. How was I going to handle a child and my job?

This man was not a Vegan and probably would never be; would he have wanted me if I still was? I guess I’ll never know.

Even though I was no longer Vegan, I still had some traces in me and I would even on occasion get something that had no meat in it or was complete Vegan. I never really went back to eating eggs except maybe one in a great while, or if something had it in the ingredients like baked goods, because……donuts.


As I started venturing on this path, with a new spiritual definition to myself being a Twin Flame, and my relationship with Mr Carnivore has ended and I was back to making my own money, I slowly began Vegetarian/Vegan leaning for a while but I have children who are not and so, I was still consuming junk. In the beginning of 2020, I have decided to go more fully back towards Veganism.

On March 16, the day before St Patrick’s Day AND Billy Corgan’s birthday, our club was forced closed. I could not work for three months and was dependent on my parents. I felt like it was a jail sentence. I was not thrilled for the length of it, unknown when I’m able to work again. I considered myself Vegan leaning, as I have totally eliminated all meat intake. There were very infrequent occasions where perhaps some dairy was consumed, but very very little. When my son wants Mac and cheese but my daughter isn’t eating it and he don’t like to eat it as leftovers so, instead of wasting it, I would eat it. I have not eaten eggs but cooked eggs for my children. Shopping with my parents has not been a joy when getting food. They did not offer to take me for maybe a month and a half, is what it felt like. Maybe a month and I could go with them once every one and a half or two weeks.

If meat was offered, I did not eat it. I would try to gather packages of rice, Vegan Yogurt, non dairy milk, etc and I was able to start some mornings celery juicing. They have given me enough money for my bills, mostly used for my storage units, and gas for the car. A few times I had to go up to see my children at their fathers house and any money I had, I would try and do a little stock up at this one store that would sell damaged items or a little out of date stuff. They would sell some vegan items and even vegetables and fruits. I’ve gotten a bunch of celery for 99 cents a batch. So, I somehow managed to remain on a leaning Vegan diet. My parents buy Honey Wheat bread, so, that’s not exactly Vegan but, I’ve been doing well considering the facts of the pandemic and unable to work. Bars and clubs are on the bottom of the list of reopening.

Since there’s no where I can go and I can’t work, I started being a little creative with putting my own food together. We have black beans and I use my rice and got some wraps, so I would make my own wraps with other items I can find. In a way, this pandemic has gotten me to being a little lass than a lazy vegan.

While I have not been fully Vegan in a long time and like I mentioned I have often eaten the food on occasions. For example, when I went to Chicago those few times, I found a local baker that sold Vegan donuts. Oh, I wasn’t expecting Vegan donuts. I’m going to buy that instead of the other baked goods. Now, every time I visit Chicago, I have to go to the local bakery and buy myself a Vegan donut.

I have since decided to learn more about the Medical Medium teachings. I have heard about how people say they feel like they have more energy after changing their diet, I did not exactly feel this way before because I know I was always a person who had tons of energy as I don’t sit still. After the years have passed and two children and trying to figure out who I am again, that’s apart from being a mother, maybe this may be true. I may feel more like myself in the early 2000s from back in the days when I lived on my own in the city.


I have started the celery juice. I’ve been doing it on and off for an entire year. I believe it has helped me in some ways. I believe it also helped with junk food cravings. Cravings for junk has diminished even if I have eaten a few bites here and there of my children’s items. I noticed a shift in taste. I’m also more vegan. Back in the day I still have sweet cravings so I ate some vegan junk but I’m not doing that much now. It’s been a slow process for me but I’m aware of being a vegan since I’ve lived it. I’m already knowing of things from before.