I made an album. All by myself. I wrote all of the songs, recorded them and had them produced. I have a final product. It took about three years and I used my own money, but I made an entire album. No one else can credit themselves. There is no Courtney “Love” and Billy Corgan/Kurt Cobain situation with my album of who wrote what. It was all me.

Kimberly Hyndman on Spotify

I had a few photographers take some photographs of me. The one guy I knew for a few years and another I found online. (Actually, I found my other friend online as well). I decided the above picture to use for an album cover.

I did go around taking some pictures of random objects to use as well. I created this image with my headphones:

Why can I only find a gif image?

I also tried another image with the one photographer I found online.

In the end, the album cover I chosen this one from the photographer I befriended. For the back I decided on the one from the photographer I found online.


I wasn’t play the guitar when I went to school. I didn’t pick it up again until some time around 2004. I believe I actually wasn’t playing the guitar when I seen Billy Corgan for the first time. There was too much happening in my life for me to focus on it. Add to the fact that I went back to my parents house. When I started school, my focus was on learning about Video Production and working, not playing the guitar.

When I started to get back into playing again, there was a point where I reached playing the guitar for 5-6 hours a day. I was writing my own songs. I think I must have gotten bored originally because I wasn’t writing my own music. Now that I was writing my own stuff and also hoping to use it in my own videos. I did end up using my own music for my portfolio. I did not want to use copyrighted material. My portfolio was going to be all me and the things I’m capable of. So, when I made the conscious decision to have my own music for my portfolio, I picked up the guitar again.

I know I wanted to use my own music and not some free play non copyrighted material. I believe it was a requirement to not use copyrighted music. As someone who was playing the guitar and took lessons for a year and half before school, I took up my own challenge. I was even successful having one completed song and created a music video for my portfolio.


All songs written by Kimberly M Hyndman
Produced and mixed by Kimberly M Hyndman and Stephen J Childs
Mastered by Stephen J Childs

All songs performed by Kimberly M Hyndman EXCEPT:

Keyboards on True Soul Love, Panic, Sea of Sin and Kristopher, Performed by Jason Perry

Lead guitar on Someday performed by Stephen J Childs
Lead 1 on Too Many People performed by Stephen J Childs
Bass on Kristopher and Sea of Sin performed by Stephen J Childs
Drums on Sea of Sin performed by Stephen J Childs
Drum on Hypnotized performed by Kimberly M Hyndman and Stephen J Childs

Front cover: Jeff Baxter Back cover: Kurt Howard


Panic was the last song to be written with lyrics. For a long time it was just instrumental. I liked that I had an instrumental piece. It was also nominated as an instrumental piece at the LA Music Awards the same year True Soul Love won. Later as I was searching for someone to help with with vocal recording I would find someone who added keys to my songs. On this one he thought of adding a ticker and clock chime sounds and after they were added I was thrilled because it was perfect but still an instrumental piece. It wasn’t until I went back to Steve, my former vocal/guitar coach to help with vocal recording and mastering that the idea for the song was inspired based on our situation. With the ticker and clock sounds it gave it a feel with time. It also had a state of panic and anxiety in a persons mind, like my own. Hence me being the song writer.

All instruments in that song was by me except the ticker and clock sounds. Jason, my hired keyboardist I found on Craigslist, added it with his keyboard. When he did that I thought it was perfect. I still didn’t have lyrics to the song, but it the end it all came together perfectly. The lyrics were written when I began recording with Steve. I believe the drum machine I used wasn’t changed at all but it was cleaned up with mastering.


When this was recorded, to me it sounded a bit country, ye haw! It was never my intention if it does. When I write songs I’m not writing with an intention of a particular genre. I don’t even think the chords I use are in a particular style. I don’t limit myself that way. If I use a “jazz” chord and a “rock” chord, that’s what I’m using. To me, this song ended up sounding a bit country rock, in my opinion.

This song is a bit happy sounding but the lyrics are not. They are hopeful but still the theme of unrequited.

I didn’t have a lead to it when I decided to get my album on a professional level. I was a bit stuck on writing it but I knew I wanted a lead. Steve laid down the lead and it gave the song a different feel. At first I was ok with it, but listening to it a few times, it’s still not exactly as I wanted it even though I had no idea how I actually wanted it, but I’m ok with it.

This song video I always seen it as one of those driving around in a car. Perhaps a pickup truck would be more fitting. A beat up redneck pickup truck, probably wearing the outfit I wore for the album cover. The pick up should probably be blue like the blue background of the cover photo. Yeah, this song definitely one of those Im driving around lip syncing to my song music video.


This song has a single drum beat through out the song with no changes. I guess it worked well because not even Steve decided to do anything with it. It has a dance vibe to grove along.


Well, this song here is what I call, my stripper song. The many lines we hear in the business, and I’m just there making money entertaining the guys, not there to find a husband, let alone a soulmate. There are men who will tell every line in the book to try and get you to go home with them. If I ever did a video I always seen a mermaid/ocean world type of video. I never made a video though, so the idea is lost.

There is a shift in tempo in the angry section.


Murphy’s Law in a song. This idiom that says, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. While in school we had an instructor that would tell us, to make sure when you are dealing with clients, if you know something should only take three hours to do, tell them it’ll take 9 hours, because whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Especially when dealing with computers. Always add more time for all the digital inconveniences to happen. But, Murphy’s Law isn’t just in the digital world, it’s everywhere.

This song is Murphy’s Law in the romance department. I can have anybody in the world, but the one my heart truly wants. Every person you don’t want flocks to you so easily but the one that your heart calls for. I wanted the song to sound as messed up and annoying as Murphy’s Law/Curse. It doesn’t feel like a law but a curse. How unrequitedly fitting!

Taken to another level, anything that can go wrong on a Twin Flame Journey, will go wrong.


This song, was basically written with 2 people in mind. The verse storyline was based on one person while the Chorus, well, it was pretty much Billy Corgan. “Stare in your eyes, I am hypnotized”. Looking at all his pictures and even seeing him for the first time. It was the only way to describe it.


I used just a small guitar track of this song for my portfolio. It was just this snippet and True Soul Love that I used.


This song has so much back story to it, I don’t know if I’ll fully be able to tell it as too much time has past and memory tends to fade some with every passing year. This was my very first song I written and completed with a music video. I was still in school. The song was still in its unmastered version and I recorded the vocals in my apartment. I probably learned the most from this song. Lost of trials and errors with recording. Learned about making a music video as well, as I was attending school for video/digital media and in my last year. The video was a part of my video portfolio. I also had so many issues that came along with it. Someone robbed me of my hard drive during school with all the original video edits. All I had was a copy on a disk and I had to rip it off the disk. As long as the original tapes still work, I could recreate the video. It was a total learning experience with this one song. It’s still one of my favorites to play and probably will always be.

The album version has been changed from the original song. The video has the second version of the song. I shot it using the first version of the song. The album is the 3rd version. The second version was replaced on top of the video that’s on YouTube. I can’t replace it with the 3rd version album version as the tempo I increased by 3 notches. I would have to totally remake the video from scratch because of lip syncing will be off. If I think about it, I believe the first version instrumental is on YouTube. There’s a short that’s titled ‘personality profile’ that was required for my portfolio and I used a snipet of my song. I exported an instrumental version and used it for the video which also features little b rolls from the shoot we did for the music video.

The 2nd version of the song actually won an award with the LA Music Awards. I submitted a few of my songs. Panic, which was still an instrumental, was also nominated. This was in 2006. I did kind of hired someone to help me with some mastering of the song that I found him, I guess it was Craigslist of all places. I was seeking someone to help me with recording my vocals and we tweeked the song a bit. Long story short that relationship didn’t last too long as he wanted to eventually have more of a intimate relationship with me and I declined. On a side note, I guess we sort of made peace as I believe it was him that found me on Facebook and we made “friends.”

This is the outfit that I worn for the award show. I took a few shots to see how I looked in it and trying different outfits to see what I wanted to wear. My cat Misty photobombed this image. So, this is my favorite image of the few I took. RIP Misty.

3rd version of the song started to happen as I ended up making the tempo about 3 notches higher. Re edits happen all around with the song. I would eventually find another person to work with and he helped with adding keys to a few of my songs. I love the added keys to this song as it added more dimension and sounded fuller. With my failed attempts in finding someone to record my vocals and a few lessons with voice teachers to assist me with getting my voice just right for me to record, I would eventually look up my first voice/guitar teacher as he was still my favorite teacher that I learned from.

The song is as the lyrics present itself, about Twin Souls/Flames. I was walking my little spiritual journey back in the day, before social media and I would run into things like soul mates being explained and I had a really hard time believing in it. I felt I can come up with a story with each and every person I meet and how they could be “the one”;and “meant to be.” I would even see women magazines with “find your soulmate” and I would just kind of blow them off. I always thought I followed my heart and I was concluding I don’t want to follow it anymore because I think it lies to me. My love life seemed to always end up a one way dead end street. I think this song is more me bitching to “God” because I always felt I was following my heart and why can’t I find someone I would want to be with or someone who wanted to be with me. Of course I also had to run into a book about Twin Flames and that was a book I wanted to burn at the time. So here I was basically venting to “God” in this song. Twin Flames? Ludicrous! Absurdity!


This was my second to last song that I wrote lyrics to. I was inspired when I read an article from National Geographic. It was the February issue in 2006. I still have the copy.

I felt this was answering my song True Soul Love. Love is in the mind. It’s not so heart felt but people become addicted to the feeling. Love is a decision, a choice. It was what I concluded with the inspiration from this article.

When I would play the song on my guitar and strum, I would always hear a wah solo and would even make the sounds as I played with my voice. One day, I recorded it. I believe I even gotten the lead to sound the way I wanted it.


All my songs all started out with music written first. This song is basically a 5 chord song. I always seem to avoid the 3 chord song. I know I probably like many many 3 song chords but for me, I just can’t write them. I need more. I had these 5 chords I kept playing repeatedly over and over again and I liked it. I was attempting to add more like a verse or chorus or however this song was going to end up. Instead I decided it was perfect just as it is. Maybe a funky bass line or a focus on the lyrics. It’s a slow song so I want it lyrics focused.

The topic ended up being what I was attempting to write. I wanted to write different songs for members of my family in showing them that I love them and they mean a lot to me. I.E. a song for my parents, my brothers maybe even my cats! Instead the rest of the album ended up being about unrequited love.
This song is about thinking about the past. Growing up with a best friend that was my cousin but we end up growing apart when the teenage years approached. Someone you spent many hours playing together and doing adventures things, family times and vacations. We grew up playing with Transformers and Matchbox/Hot Wheels, Legos etc. I still had a small collection with me. My parents would sell a chunk of them at yard sales, without my knowledge. I was living alone and still in school when I wrote my album. One of the things I was thinking about was lightening up the amount of stuff I had and yes, disposing of the small collection I still had. I wrote the song using his name. I know once I played it for a friend and he asked, awe, did he die? I was amazed at how he thought it was about a dead when we just grew apart and life happened. We ended up being 2 different people. He moved away from the rest of the family. He didn’t die, it was just a song about reflection of our shared family memories and childhood and growing apart. Yet, we’ll always cherish our memories and that childhood bond even though life took us in different directions.

I didn’t get very far with promotion and getting out there. I decided I was taking a bit of a break, because it can be so much for one person doing everything! I would soon find myself pregnant in early 2009 at age 32 and had my son in November, I was 33. I have a separate chapter about my children.

I would try and get myself out there again but I found the juggle with young children challenging in my situation.